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Bishnupur~The City of Temples.

Bishnupur (or Vishnupur) in Bankura district of West Bengal is famous for is terracotta temples. Located approximately 250 kms to the south of Kolkata, this little known place is a hidden gem, with ancient temples and history steeped in its every nook and corner. The town is also famous for its rich weaving culture. The famous Baluchari sarees of West Bengal is woven in this town. These are unique sarees which are hand-woven in richly dyed silk. They depict stories from Indi

St Petersburg~ The mecca of cultural, historical and architectural landmarks.

As my flight descended into St Petersburg, all I could see around me was white snow. And the first thought that came to my mind was “Oh, S****,I don’t have proper shoes to wear in the snow!!!”. Moscow was mildly cold, but St Petersburg was full of snow and still snowing in April. I was in a major well. Then I decided, first let me check into my Airbnb and then I’ll see about getting some proper shoes to wear in the snow. As the flight landed, it skidded a bit and my heart th

Moscow~ The land of marvelous architecture, UNESCO heritage sites and the center of Communism.

When I decided to visit Russia, I was a bit apprehensive, because I had absolutely no, nada, nyet knowledge of the Russian language. But still I decided to give it a go and test my limits. I will start from the very beginning. Visa: I applied for a visa from the Russian Consulate at Gorky Sadan, Kolkata. To visit Russia, I would need a letter of invitation, which I obtained from the website http://www.ivisaonline.com for a payment of about 30USD. The LOI came in a couple of d


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