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Schengen Tourist Visa~ All you need to know and how to get one yourself.

Disclaimer: This post is for citizens of those countries who are required to under go tedious process to obtain a Schengen Visa.

This practice of obtaining a tourist visa is followed in India, though I’m sure it’s the same in the Indian Subcontinent.

There are many people that I personally know are crazy about travelling. But when they go abroad, I mostly see them travelling with a tour agency, spending lakhs of rupees unnecessarily. Now, that is an utter waste of money. I have visited Europe multiple times. Once I travelled through Europe for nearly one month under 1.5 lakhs including visa and flight and food. The most daunting part for most people is to apply for and get a Schengen Visa. They are confused by the process and scared of rejection, so they go to an agent who charge exorbitant sums of money.

In this article, I will simplify the steps for you so that you can yourself apply for the visa and save thousands of rupees by going via an agent.

Step 1: Decide on an rough itinerary. You can change it later once you get your visa.

Step 2: Book flight and hotel tickets and insurance. Do not buy them at this point. Just book the tickets and hotels(I will tell you how in a short while)

Step 3: Gather your form 16 or ITR returns for last 3 years. If you are a housewife, dependent parent, you can show your husband’s or son’s ITR. In this case, the husband or son has to write a declaration that he is willing to sponsor your trip and show some documents proving your relationship to him, like a marriage certificate, son’s passport etc.

Step 4: Write a cover letter addressed to the Honourable Consular General detailing your trip, why you want to go, where you want to go and how you are going to sponsor your trip, where you are going to stay etc (More on this a little later). Your letter should be to the point, no dilly-dallying.

Step 5: Attach your past 6 months salary slip if you are an employee. If you own your own business, attach your trade license. Bank statement of last 6 months should be attached. According to their website the minimum amount in your account should be 50USD times the number of days you are staying. But keep a considerable amount (like 2Lakhs for a 10 day trip) per person.

Step 6: if you are an employee, get your leave sanctioned and obtain an NOC from your office for the entire duration of your trip.

Step 7: Visit the VFS website/BLS website and fill in the visa application form online and take it with you on your day of appointment. Book an appointment slot. Take that appointment slip with you the day you visit VFS/BLS.

Step 8: get your picture clicked in the exact specification provided in their website. If you don’t want this hassle, there are people who will click your picture and give them to you instantly at the VFS global office.

Step 9: go to the appointment venue half an hour prior to your allotted time. Take all the above mentioned documents with you, both in original and duplicate.

Step 10: Wait inside for your turn. When your name is called, submit your application and then pay the exact fee in cash or by card.

Step 11: Wait for biometrics(if this is your first time travelling). When your name/token number is displayed, go to the biometrics room to give your biometric data.

Done! You have finished the process. You will get a tracking number whereby you can see the status of your application. Contrary to agent’s claim, they cannot speed up the process.

Pro tip: French embassy processes applications within 2-3 working day(the fastest amongst all other Schengen states). So, I always apply to the French embassy.

Now, the most important part: If you want a ready made covering letter, or want to know the details of the website from where we book our tickets, hotels and insurance for a nominal price, please DM us on our Instagram handle which is linked above(http://www.instagram.com/travelrevelation) and we would be more than happy to help sort out everything.

After you get your visa, go and have fun!!! Europe is beautiful all year round. Hope this article cleared all your doubts.

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